iWash Monthly


iWash Monthly: Unlimited Wash Packages

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$14 The Works Wash

Standard Membership – $39.95/month

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$16 Summer Shine

Standard Membership – $44.95/month

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1. Confirm your subscription to an iWash Monthly Program. Email andi@iwashtn.com with your year, make model and color of vehicle along with Tag# for license plate.

2. We’ll ship you a scan-able window sticker by USPS Mail . If you need to wash right away before sticker arrives, you may call Andi and she can program a temporary code to use until it arrives.

3. Visit iWash and place sticker on windshield in a spot detectable by our overhead scanners. All stickers must be ON the windshield or you must ask for permission to not have it on windshield. We do monitor camera footage and scan license plates to ensure stickers are not shared.

4. Never have to swipe your card again!

Having problems? Call Andi @ (615) 571-0148 cell or  email us at andi@iwashtn.com