Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact customer service or an iWash employee?2023-04-19T21:06:03+00:00

Email or call (615) 752-4804. If you prefer texting, send a text to (615) 571-0148 and briefly explain the issue. If it is after-hours, weekend, or holiday, Andi will call you back and respond at her earliest convenience.

What type of car wash are you and do you have staff on-site to help?2023-04-19T21:02:11+00:00

iWash is an in-bay automatic car wash consisting of four bays. We offer two friction bays (microfiber soft brush) and two touch-free bays (Petit Machines). Although staff (maintenance and owner) are always in and out at the car wash,  we do not offer a full-service car wash. If you don’t see a staff member on-site, please feel free to contact our office at (615) 752-4804 with any questions.


How do I sign up for the Frequent Wash Subscription?2023-04-19T21:11:59+00:00

Please sign up online on our website

If you need guidance, please contact Andi at (615)-571-0148

Where are you located?2023-04-19T20:48:06+00:00

iWash is located at 491 Old Hickory Blvd Brentwood, TN 37027.  We are directly across from Starbucks and Walmart Grocery. We are located next to the Fifth Third Bank on Edmondson Pike and Old Hickory Blvd near Nippers Corner. Look for the little yellow twirling car in front of the wash.

What is the cost of the Frequent Wash Monthly program?2023-04-19T20:44:51+00:00

Our price is $59.00 monthly for our top wash which will auto-draft out of your debit or credit card account. In order to create your RFID sticker, you’ll need to provide the vehicle make, model, and tag number when signing up online.  Stickers will be taped on the inside of the door next to Bay 2 inside an envelope. Email either or  after pick-up so that we can activate your sticker. Must peel/attach the RFID sticker to the upper driver side windshield. Only one sticker allowed per vehicle.  Misuse of our stickers will automatically terminate your services. If you need to cancel your monthly subscription, please notify a staff member or if you signed up online, log into the online portal to cancel your subscription.




What are your hours?2023-04-19T20:30:00+00:00

We are open 24/7 including holidays.  The only time we’re closed is if it’s freezing for multiple days in a row. We’ll re-open when temperatures are above freezing.

Do you have staff to detail and vacuum my car?2023-04-19T20:27:42+00:00

No, all our services are self-serve.

How much does it cost to use the vacuums?2023-04-19T21:10:45+00:00

Our vacuums, carpet shampoo, fragrance, and the rug beater machine are all free with your paid wash. Make sure the switch on the vacuum machine is on the one you’re using (turbo vac, shampoo, or fragrance).

I had an issue at the wash and the machine stopped, should I drive out?2023-04-19T20:25:39+00:00

Please call or text Andi at 615-571-0148 She’ll contact maintenance and reset the machine immediately if staff is available. If you cannot reach Andi by call, please text for a faster response and as soon as someone is available, we will return your call and provide a replacement wash. You must report the issue within 24 hours. We will need to verify your paid wash so please have that ready.

How do I stop automatic payments for the Frequent Wash Subscription and is there a way to cancel online?2023-04-19T21:14:37+00:00

If you signed up online, you can cancel your subscription in the portal using the username/password you created when you first signed up. If you signed up with Andi or Sabine, you need to email and copy  State your first and last name and that you would like to cancel your subscription. Please allow a week notice before your auto-payment is due so that it gives us enough time to cancel.


What’s the height of each bay and are large trucks allowed?2023-04-19T21:08:15+00:00

The height of Bay 1 and Bay 2 is 8 ft and the height of Bay 2 and Bay 3 is 8 ft 4 inches. We do not accommodate any large ladder trucks, or anything extending out from the vehicles. We hope to add an extended height bay in the future.

Do I need to pre-wash and what is in the blue barrels?2023-04-19T14:57:46+00:00

We always recommend pre-washing for bugs on the bumper, heavy road grime, heavy brake dust, and bird droppings. The blue barrels consist of a high pH liquid and a natural fiber brush that you dip into the liquid and apply to the vehicle. We also have “heated bug sprayers” attached to all the pay kiosks. It looks like a water hose with a sprayer. It’s a high pH liquid that heats up and helps break down dirt on the vehicles. Both items used to pre-wash are safe to use on all vehicles and are Self-serve.

Do you have an air machine for my tires?2023-04-19T14:38:58+00:00


I lost my car mat in the Rug Beater Machine. How do I retrieve my mat?2023-04-19T21:14:56+00:00

There is a flap at the bottom of the machine.  Slowly push forward and you will see your car mat. Be careful as there will be heavy dirt.

I lost my wallet, license plate, etc. at the car wash. How do I retrieve lost items?2023-04-19T14:36:02+00:00

Anything we find (license plates, car mats, cell phones, wallets, etc.) are locked up inside the office.

Items are kept for 36 hours before they are disposed of.  Please call our office to ask about any lost items.

What is the cost of your different wash packages?2023-04-19T15:59:49+00:00

Prices for our Friction Machines (Bay 1- Bay 2):

  • The Express: $12.00
  • The Super Wash: $15.00
  • The Works Wash: $18.00
  • Winter Wash/ Spring Clean/ Summer Shine: $20.00

Prices for our Touch-Free Machines (Bay 3- Bay 4):

  • The Express: $14.00
  • The Super Wash: $16.00
  • The Works Wash: $18.00
  • Winter Wash/ Spring Clean/ Summer Shine: $20.00

Attention: These prices are subject to change

There was an incident at the car wash and damage was done to my vehicle, what should I do, and can I speak to the owner?2023-04-19T21:13:19+00:00

Due to the busy schedule of the owner, it is best to email your incident report to the email(s) listed below.

Please provide the following information:   

  • Full Name
  • List the owner of the vehicle if different from above
  • Date of Incident
  • Make, Model and Color of Vehicle
  • Which wash you purchased along with the Bay Number (Bay 1-4)
  • Include how you paid (card or cash): If card, list last 4 digits of card number
  • Phone Number and best time to reach you
  • Email Address
  • A brief description of the incident
  • Photos taken of the damage at the car wash (provide a few photos)
  • Vin Number
  • Tag Number (List County)

Email all of the above information to Andi: and Copy

We will pull video footage and contact you after properly investigating the incident.

Please allow a minimum of 4-5 Business Days to review information. 

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